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Author Topic: USAF Retired  (Read 689 times)
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« on: August 03, 2016, 08:29:28 AM »

Well, I finally made here after retiring from the Air Force in 2013, 26+ years in the military.  Of course now the weather has been so hot it feels like I am back in Afghanistan.  I spent 2007 and 2010 there and one of the main reasons for coming here was to live near my best friend and wingman from my 2007 deployment.  In the military when you are in combat with someone you form a bond stronger than blood.  So it is with Tsgt Pedro (Pete) Santos also USAF Retired.  We spent what ever spare time we had smoking cigars and thinking about ice cold beer.  Now I am starting to brew my own.  I have had one partial success and one major failure but I am not discouraged.  With the help of Steve Berg, Vegas Home Brew, I am attempting an English oatmeal stout.  I am looking forward to connecting up with other home brewers and craft brewers here in Las Vegas and plan to get over to Aces and Ales on Teneya.
Oh, you will notice that I have a clarinet in my photo.  I used to be a musician back in my 20's but left that to pursue a career as a scientist.  My AFSC was as a 43T3F, biomedical toxicologist.  That came from having a PhD in Chemistry and also tagged me as a chem/bio warfare and infectious disease expert.  Even after leaving the military I ended up in places like Dubai, Sierra Leone and Turkey trying to help some old friends from the military fight the spread disease.  Now I am totally retired and enjoying my new hobby.

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